Anime are those animated movies, TV shows, or series that came from Japan and are loved all over the globe.  Who can resist those unique animation styles, storylines and characters from which we can totally relate to. But have you ever thought, just how many anime are  there in the world ? It’s kind of mind-blowing, isn’t it?

How many animes are there?

As of 03-2024, there are over 27,000 + anime series that have been uploaded on MLA, MLA still does not include all anime in the database. It’s hard to say exactly how many anime series there are in the world because anime are constantly being created all the time. It’s tough to keep track of them all!

how many anime are there in the world

Anime fan base in world !

Before we dive into the numbers of how many anime fans are in the world, let’s understand what anime actually is ?

Anime has a whole vibe, a whole culture even! It’s like those fantastic movies, TV shows, or series that come straight from the minds of Japan. But it’s more than just animation. it’s a unique blend of art, emotion, and imagination that gives life to characters

anime fan base in world
how many anime are there in the world

How many people watch anime in the world?

How many people watch anime all around the world ? It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact number of  How many people watch anime due to various ways people access anime, but estimates suggest over 100 million people watch anime worldwide. Here is an approximate distribution of people watching anime worldwide  

East Asia (60%) : 

  • Many people in East Asia, particularly in Japan, China, and South Korea, watch anime. Japan has the most anime fans, followed by China and South Korea.

North America (20%): 

  • In the United States, a lot of people watch anime, especially through streaming services.

Latin America (10%): 

  • Anime has been popular in countries like Brazil and Mexico for a long time, and there are many fans here.

Europe (8%): 

  • People in Europe also enjoy anime, although there might be slightly fewer fans compared to North America.

West Asia & Africa (2%): 

  •  Anime is becoming more popular in regions like West Asia and Africa, but there are fewer viewers compared to other parts of the world.
anime fan base in world
how many anime are there in the world


  • How long has animes been around?

Anime has a long and interesting history. Since 1907, Japanese artists were influenced by Western animation and started creating their own animated works around this time. These were short films using techniques like cutout animation.

  • Is anime only produced in Japan?

  No, Anime is  not only produced in Japan, Although Japan is widely recognized as the main hub for anime production due to highly efficent productions via there popular studio like mappa.

  • How long does it take to produce an anime series?

Generally, it take several months to a few years to complete a single anime series. But time can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the complexity of the animation, the length of the series, the studio’s resources, etc

  • Can anime be watched on streaming platforms?

Yes, anime can be watched on streaming platforms like Netflix and Crunchyroll.

  • If I watched every anime ever made once, how much of my life would I have spent watching anime?

Let’s consider the average length of an anime episode to be 24 minutes. If we assume there are thousands of anime series and movies in existence, if there were 27,000  anime series/movies, each with an average episode length of 24 minutes, it would take approximately 6,48,000 minutes to watch them all once. This equates to roughly 10,800 hours or around 450 days of continuous watching. 

  • How many anime and manga fans are there in the world?

Estimating the exact number of anime and manga fans is challenging due to the global nature of the fandom and the lack of data. anime and manga have a massive and dedicated following worldwide, spanning millions of anime lovers 

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